Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb. 5th--Cattleman's Steakhouse

The front entrance to the Cattleman's Restaurant.
Harry enjoying his 14 oz. steak.

What a contrast between the old covered wagon and our motorhome.

The mountains on the horizon over one of the buildings.

Sunset over the lake at Cattleman's.

On February 4th we left Lake Medina and traveled west in Texas to Fort Stockton were we stayed for an overnight rest. On Friday the 5th we arrived at Cattleman's Restaurant at Indian Cliff Ranch. This is a working ranch were they raise their own cattle for the restaurant meat. It is a large complex with lots of different animals, sculptures, plants and even a lake. You can walk the grounds and even take a hayride on certain days. They welcome campers to stay overnight free in their parking lot if you eat dinner in the restaurant. Anyone who knows us knows that Harry loves steak and I rarely ever eat it. I didn't want to go to this steakhouse and order chicken so I ordered the "ladies petite filet-6 oz.". It was absolutely wonderful. This is a very different place and hard to discribe but I would highly recommend it to any one who is in the El Paso area.

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