Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ladies Day Golfing

Harry and I were so blessed to have rented a villa in the Grovewood Villas in the village of Hadley. The neighbors are such a wonderful bunch of people. They are a very close and active group. They have invited us to join in any of their activities and we have taken them up on several gatherings. What a good way to get to know people—join in their fun!PB170045

Today I joined them in a round of golf. Wednesday is ladies day at the golf courses and every week there is a group that golf's and then goes to lunch. I had such a fun time even though I had a lousy golf game. In this group it is more about socializing and having a good time rather than doing good golfing. Now that is my kind of group! Harry and I will be leaving here soon and we are really going to miss all the great people. Fortunately they have “adopted us” and we can return to join their fun gatherings at any time.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Amy Visits The Villages

Last week our daughter Amy visited with us in The Villages. Amy’s birthday is November 2nd and we are always away on her birthday so this year she decided to come to visit us as a birthday present. We had a great time and she was able to see what the lifestyle is all about. She enjoyed several of the activities.25 92 Dartford Terrace Villa 032

We went to a polo match. That is Amy on the left, Janet & Tom, my sister and Brother-in-law who live here at The Villages, and Harry. 25 92 Dartford Terrace Villa 037

It is amazing that they can hit a 3” ball from on top of a horse. It was a high scoring game—9 to 8.25 92 Dartford Terrace Villa 048 After the match we went for a great dinner at Gator’s Dockside. A very enjoyable and fun evening.

One evening we went to a dinner show with the entertainment being impersonator’s of famous singers. Very entertaining and wonderful singers. 

On Thursday it was a warm and sunny afternoon so we decided to take an air boat ride on the Withlacoochee River.PB110039  




This is one of the three alligators we saw along the way. The guide would stop for a closer look at the many turtles, birds, and alligators and he would turn off the engine so we could hear him talk.  Those airboats are sure LOUD!PB110004

We had a good time and for Harry and I it was our first time on an airboat. It was a fun week with Amy visiting and showing her around The Villages.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Villages---October

Harry and I decided to rent a villa in The Villages, Florida to see what it was really like to be here for longer than a few days.  We left in the RV late September and spent a few days at TT Chesapeake on the way to Florida. On October 1st we put the RV in storage and checked into a villa, complete with everything we needed, including a golf car. Florida Home 007

We got involved in several activities, pickle ball, golfing, neighborhood dinners, etc.  We decided that we liked it so much that we sold the motor home and started looking to buy a villa to travel to in the winter months.P8090002

This is the last you will see of our motor home. It was a very bitter sweet parting. We have had some wonderful times, and have met such great people and made many good friends over the past 21 years that we were RVing. For now---we plan to keep our TT membership and join our friends by staying in the Getaways. We are hoping that we will not be forgotten just because we are not around as much as we were in the past.  Since we sold the motor home and were not ready to return to chilly Pa, we extended our rental till the end of November.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mackenzie’s Birthday

Our youngest granddaughter,  Mackenzie, is celebrating her 5th birthday on September 25th. Since she requested a pool party her parents decided to have the party earlier in the month so it would be warm and the pool would still be open. Surprise, surprise, the weather was very cool, about 73 degrees and no humidity. In addition to the cool temperature the wind was blowing at 15 to 20 MPH. That makes for pretty cold swimming.P9040013

Can you tell how COLD she looks? And her lips are blue!P9040016

A few of the kids were the only brave ones to get in the water.P9040006

After the swimming it was time to come inside for some cake. She just loves to make silly faces. 


Here she is opening one of her presents. Looking on is her big sister, Haley, in the middle, and another friend.P9040021

She really liked this card from Aunt Amy that played music. ICarly is one of her favorites.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Golf Day

Two weeks ago my sister Janet and her husband Tom visited for several days from Florida. One day Janet, Tom, Harry, and my cousin’s husband Glen went to play golf. My cousin Cindy and myself decided that we wanted to join the fun so we went along and drove the golf carts. 


Tom and my sister Janet in their cart.DSC00036

My cousin Cindy and her husband Glen.P8270015

Harry and I at our cart.DSC00058

This is a beautiful course at a Country Club called Golden Oaks. P8270005

It was a picture perfect day. Temperature was about 80 degrees with low humidity. Just look at that wonderful blue sky!

We had a fun time on the course and after playing we sat outside at the club house and enjoyed a good drink and dinner.                                                         We always have a great time when the six of us are together.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Granddaughters Camping

Early in August we took our granddaughters---Haley & Mackenzie---to TT Hershey with us for four days.P8030018

It was hot and humid so we spent afternoons at the pool. Mackenzie (left) will be 5 years old in September. Haley (right) is 7 years old and will start 2nd grade this year.P8030028

They had lots of fun playing with Pop-Pop and dunking him in the water.P8030053

Even though it was hot we had to have a fire…….P8030055

……for toasting marshmallows………….P8030066

…….for Smores!P8040071

Wednesday we drove to Penn’s Cave. We had never bin there ourselves and always wanted to see what it was like.P8040107

First we took the Wildlife Safari on a school bus with the windows cut out. The bus makes a loop through the property viewing lots of different animals.


Next it was the Cave Tour. This is the entrance where you board the boats that go through the cave. The cave is a year round temperature of 52 degrees---which felt really good since the outside was 95 degrees that day. We did wear a sweat shirt on the tour that lasts about one hour.P8040132

The boat comes out the other side of the cave, turns around, and goes back through.P8050150

Of course you can’t go to Hershey without making a trip to Chocolate World.  So one morning we drove over and took the “ride” through the factory—2 times.  I think they like the free candy after getting off the ride the best!

We had a great time with Haley and Mackenzie. We returned them home on the fourth day----went back to the camper----and rested.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Harry’s New Toy

Last week while Harry was mowing, the lawnmower broke. It was used pretty hard over the past 10 years on our steep grade and rough terrain so he decided it was time for a new mower. After much deliberation he decided on an upgrade from a lawn tractor to a heavier zero-turn machine.New Mower 7-30-2010 002

Here is Harry getting a lesson on how to use the mower. He had never used a zero-turn and was hesitant at first. They handle very different than a regular tractor. Nate was so patient with him.New Mower 7-30-2010 003

After several times around the yard he was feeling much more comfortable. Now—if we ever get rain so the grass grows again—he can cut his mowing time to much less than before.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dad’s 89th Birthday

On July 24th we had a family dinner to celebrate my father’s 89th birthday.Poppy's 89th birthday (2)  

One of his favorite deserts is cream puffs.  Do to lack of time I cheated and made a cream puff cake. It turned out really good, very easy, and tastes just like cream puffs. He was a good sport wearing the birthday hat! He says his goal is to get to 90 and after that he doesn't care. He is the only brother out of 6 to live this long. I consider myself very blessed to still have both my parents and they are pretty healthy.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chesapeake Thousand Trails

From July 6th to July 20th we spent some time in Chesapeake with a group of friends we met there several years ago. We had a great time despite the HOT & HUMID conditions. This was our schedule:  8:00 AM to 10:00 AM was Pickle-ball.                         10:00 AM to 11:00 AM the girls did water aerobics and the men stayed on the courts.                                   Then it was back to the camper for some lunch.       At 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM play pool volleyball and then float around in the pool till 4:00 PM talking.     Then it was back to the camper to shower and eat dinner.                                                                                            Meet at 7:00 PM in the game room for several hours of Pegs and Jokers or other games.                                   Each day repeat the same schedule and repeat each day for two weeks.


Bob, George, Ralph, Mary, and Harry repairing the net that was wrecked by some kids the day before. Bob’s ingenuity was to use a fishing role to pull the broken rope through the top of the net. IT WORKED! After about 30 minutes of repair time we were out playing.P7090005

George goes for a ball while Ralph, Bob, and Mary look on. P7090010

Jack and Daphne take on Harry and Jeff.P7090011

Mike goes for the shot while Linda is ready to back him up.  Amy and Harry are ready for the return.  We really missed Ken and Faye being there! Mike pretended to be “Ken Jr” in his father’s absence.P7130029

On the left is a new couple to Pickle-ball, Jeff and Daphne. Watching them play you would not have known that they are new players, they are both so athletic. They are a wonderful couple and we had a great time with them, they joined us several nights for Pegs and Jokers. On the right of Harry is George. This is the first we met George and his wife Sally. She does not play Pickle-ball but she did join us for pool aerobics almost everyday.P7090013

Then it was into the pool for water aerobics. Faye it is not the same without you!P7090017

Mary, Denise, and myself  doing the wall exercises. Behind me are three new ladies that participated two days.P7150034

Then at night it was into the game room for Pegs & Jokers---and lots of laughs!                                               Starting at left front: Melvin, Mary, Smitty, Jeams, Harry, Annwyn, Ralph, “Mama”, Bob, and Karen (me).P7110023

Bill and Denise were only able to stay for the first week, and here they are unhooking to go home. Sure did miss you two after you were gone.P7180035

Calvin and Colleen could not get away this year to join us due to work schedules and camper problems but they drove up to the campground for a day and we had a delicious cook-out. Harry and Calvin “swing” together as Colleen takes a nap. Bob make a wonderful pork loin on the open fire and everyone brought sides to share.  Boy did we eat good---and a lot.P7090020 

One evening we had a fish fry. Bob caught Croakers and he and Bill fried them up and we had fresh corn and lots of good things to go with it.                    Left around the table: Bill, Denise, Deb, Bob, Ralph, and Mary. Harry stands in the back.P7190046

The last night before we left to come home several of us went to Jinny’s for the senior buffet night. $6.49 for all you can eat. The meal was great but as usual we ate too much. After the meal it was back to the game room for one last night of games.  It sure was a HOT but fun two weeks.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day of Golfing

Several weeks ago we had scheduled a golf day with my cousin, Cindy, and her husband Glen. Harry and Glen go golfing together and always have a good time so this time Cindy and I decided that we would go along with them and be their cart chauffeurs and ball spotters. We had a beautiful weather day with temperature about 85, very low humidity, and a light breeze. The guys choose a golf course that is out in the farm country with beautiful country views.



Our carts are parked at the 1st tee and ready to go.P6180015

Glen takes a putt while Harry watches. Notice the open country views in the background.P6180011

Glen chooses a club while Cindy waits.P6180026

Harry and I in our cart.

Cindy and I had a great time talking and driving the guys around the course.                                         After golfing we went to Golden Oaks Restaurant for a nice dinner. It was such a beautiful warm evening that we were able to eat on the outside terrace. Then we returned to Glen and Cindy’s house and had desert---fresh homemade blueberry/blackberry pie---wonderful! It was a fun filled day.