Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb. 19th--Meeting With Friends

Left to right: John, Harry, Chris, Karen, Pat, Mark. The guy in the black was not with us.

Friday afternoon we were to meet with friends to play Pickleball at Palm Creek RV Resort. Our friends Pat & John are staying there for the winter season and the courts there are very nice--at least that is what I have heard. Pat reserved a court and invited another couple also. On arrival to the park we were not able to play because to play on their courts you must be a resident. So we went with the plan for after Pickleball and went to "In and Out". This is a burger restaurant and it was very good. I asked a worker that was going around the tables to take our picture. She asked how everything was and when we told her it was very good and this was our first time here, she gave us a hat to wear to complete the picture. We had one per couple but Mark's tore and he couldn't keep it on. We had a great time catching up with Pat & John afterward at their camper.

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