Monday, July 26, 2010

Dad’s 89th Birthday

On July 24th we had a family dinner to celebrate my father’s 89th birthday.Poppy's 89th birthday (2)  

One of his favorite deserts is cream puffs.  Do to lack of time I cheated and made a cream puff cake. It turned out really good, very easy, and tastes just like cream puffs. He was a good sport wearing the birthday hat! He says his goal is to get to 90 and after that he doesn't care. He is the only brother out of 6 to live this long. I consider myself very blessed to still have both my parents and they are pretty healthy.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chesapeake Thousand Trails

From July 6th to July 20th we spent some time in Chesapeake with a group of friends we met there several years ago. We had a great time despite the HOT & HUMID conditions. This was our schedule:  8:00 AM to 10:00 AM was Pickle-ball.                         10:00 AM to 11:00 AM the girls did water aerobics and the men stayed on the courts.                                   Then it was back to the camper for some lunch.       At 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM play pool volleyball and then float around in the pool till 4:00 PM talking.     Then it was back to the camper to shower and eat dinner.                                                                                            Meet at 7:00 PM in the game room for several hours of Pegs and Jokers or other games.                                   Each day repeat the same schedule and repeat each day for two weeks.


Bob, George, Ralph, Mary, and Harry repairing the net that was wrecked by some kids the day before. Bob’s ingenuity was to use a fishing role to pull the broken rope through the top of the net. IT WORKED! After about 30 minutes of repair time we were out playing.P7090005

George goes for a ball while Ralph, Bob, and Mary look on. P7090010

Jack and Daphne take on Harry and Jeff.P7090011

Mike goes for the shot while Linda is ready to back him up.  Amy and Harry are ready for the return.  We really missed Ken and Faye being there! Mike pretended to be “Ken Jr” in his father’s absence.P7130029

On the left is a new couple to Pickle-ball, Jeff and Daphne. Watching them play you would not have known that they are new players, they are both so athletic. They are a wonderful couple and we had a great time with them, they joined us several nights for Pegs and Jokers. On the right of Harry is George. This is the first we met George and his wife Sally. She does not play Pickle-ball but she did join us for pool aerobics almost everyday.P7090013

Then it was into the pool for water aerobics. Faye it is not the same without you!P7090017

Mary, Denise, and myself  doing the wall exercises. Behind me are three new ladies that participated two days.P7150034

Then at night it was into the game room for Pegs & Jokers---and lots of laughs!                                               Starting at left front: Melvin, Mary, Smitty, Jeams, Harry, Annwyn, Ralph, “Mama”, Bob, and Karen (me).P7110023

Bill and Denise were only able to stay for the first week, and here they are unhooking to go home. Sure did miss you two after you were gone.P7180035

Calvin and Colleen could not get away this year to join us due to work schedules and camper problems but they drove up to the campground for a day and we had a delicious cook-out. Harry and Calvin “swing” together as Colleen takes a nap. Bob make a wonderful pork loin on the open fire and everyone brought sides to share.  Boy did we eat good---and a lot.P7090020 

One evening we had a fish fry. Bob caught Croakers and he and Bill fried them up and we had fresh corn and lots of good things to go with it.                    Left around the table: Bill, Denise, Deb, Bob, Ralph, and Mary. Harry stands in the back.P7190046

The last night before we left to come home several of us went to Jinny’s for the senior buffet night. $6.49 for all you can eat. The meal was great but as usual we ate too much. After the meal it was back to the game room for one last night of games.  It sure was a HOT but fun two weeks.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day of Golfing

Several weeks ago we had scheduled a golf day with my cousin, Cindy, and her husband Glen. Harry and Glen go golfing together and always have a good time so this time Cindy and I decided that we would go along with them and be their cart chauffeurs and ball spotters. We had a beautiful weather day with temperature about 85, very low humidity, and a light breeze. The guys choose a golf course that is out in the farm country with beautiful country views.



Our carts are parked at the 1st tee and ready to go.P6180015

Glen takes a putt while Harry watches. Notice the open country views in the background.P6180011

Glen chooses a club while Cindy waits.P6180026

Harry and I in our cart.

Cindy and I had a great time talking and driving the guys around the course.                                         After golfing we went to Golden Oaks Restaurant for a nice dinner. It was such a beautiful warm evening that we were able to eat on the outside terrace. Then we returned to Glen and Cindy’s house and had desert---fresh homemade blueberry/blackberry pie---wonderful! It was a fun filled day.

Shane’s Birthday

Our son-in-law had a birthday June 24th. Seems that the past several years we were always away at his birthday time so this year we had a small dinner get together to celebrate. His request was shrimp cocktail, steamed clams, and an ice cream cake. There were also several sides to go along with the entrees and the food disappeared before I could get a picture. I did manage to get the family together with his cake for a picture.


Mackenzie, Kristy, Shane & Haley.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Visiting Florida

From June 3rd to June 12th,  Harry and I took my parents by car to visit with my sisters in Florida. Both my sisters have moved to new homes and my parents had not seen them. The first day we drove to Orangeburg, S. C. and stopped overnight. The next day we drove to St. Augustine and made a stop at a friend of my mother’s. They have remained friends since they met in 2nd grade but in recent years they have not been able to see much of each other due to aging and health problems.P6040002  

My mother is on the right and her friend, Kathryn, is on the left. We had a nice visit for several hours but had to get on the road to my sister in Melbourne where we were expected for dinner. As we made the drive the Florida skies opened and we had torrential rain almost the entire way for two hours.P6060014 Here are my parents at my sister’s house in Melbourne. It is in a very nice adult community with wonderful facilities and activities.P6070030

Starting at left: Harry, Dorothy (my sister), Margaret (my mother), Sugar (the dog),  Marty (I call him my brother-in-law), and Ed (my father) sitting in the living room. We stayed with my sister and Marty for 3 days and had a great time. Unfortunately the weather was so hot we didn’t get to spend much time on their new patio/birdcage area.  P6060023           One evening for dinner I got to go to one of my favorite  restaurants—Carraba’s. We do not have any locally in Pa. so I always request to go there when I am close to one.                                                                                              On Monday we drove from Melbourne to The Villages where my other sister and her husband have bought a house and retired to. Along the way we detoured and showed my parents the Thousand Trails park near Orlando where we spend time in the winter. We arrived at The Villages in time for happy-hour! Folks visit 6-2010 032

My sister’s daughter April and her husband Tim were also visiting at the same time. They have a beautiful daughter, Emma, and a cute little dog, Molly. This was the first time my parents got to meet their great-granddaughter.Folks visit 6-2010 017 (2)

Just “the girls” went to the Tea Plantation to enjoy a nice lunch and some fun conversation.P6080110

My father will be 89 in July and can no longer play golf, but he still enjoys a ride in the cart with my brother-in-law, Tom.P6080111

My mother is 87 and this was her very first ride ever in a golf cart! Her driver is my sister, Janet. Tom and Janet took advantage of a beautiful warm evening to take them on a tour of  The Villages.P6080053

One morning we got up early to get in a few games of Pickle-ball. Janet and Tom have just started playing since living here and we were anxious to play together. P6080063

Tim, April, and Emma came along also. Tim and April got to see what the game was about and play for the first time.P6080061

And Harry and I got to entertain Emma while they played! Doesn't she look so cute in Harry’s hat. Can you tell how much Harry enjoys having little ones around?

It was so good to play Pickle-ball and now we got to see how nice the courts are here at The Villages. Remarkably there was no one else playing.

One afternoon we went to several open houses that are for sale. One was VERY  impressive and it sure would be fun to stay here. The activity list is endless—and then there is Pickle-ball! After 3 days it was time to return to Pa..

We all had a great visit and I was happy that we were able to get my parents down to see the houses and my sisters.