Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ladies Day Golfing

Harry and I were so blessed to have rented a villa in the Grovewood Villas in the village of Hadley. The neighbors are such a wonderful bunch of people. They are a very close and active group. They have invited us to join in any of their activities and we have taken them up on several gatherings. What a good way to get to know people—join in their fun!PB170045

Today I joined them in a round of golf. Wednesday is ladies day at the golf courses and every week there is a group that golf's and then goes to lunch. I had such a fun time even though I had a lousy golf game. In this group it is more about socializing and having a good time rather than doing good golfing. Now that is my kind of group! Harry and I will be leaving here soon and we are really going to miss all the great people. Fortunately they have “adopted us” and we can return to join their fun gatherings at any time.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Amy Visits The Villages

Last week our daughter Amy visited with us in The Villages. Amy’s birthday is November 2nd and we are always away on her birthday so this year she decided to come to visit us as a birthday present. We had a great time and she was able to see what the lifestyle is all about. She enjoyed several of the activities.25 92 Dartford Terrace Villa 032

We went to a polo match. That is Amy on the left, Janet & Tom, my sister and Brother-in-law who live here at The Villages, and Harry. 25 92 Dartford Terrace Villa 037

It is amazing that they can hit a 3” ball from on top of a horse. It was a high scoring game—9 to 8.25 92 Dartford Terrace Villa 048 After the match we went for a great dinner at Gator’s Dockside. A very enjoyable and fun evening.

One evening we went to a dinner show with the entertainment being impersonator’s of famous singers. Very entertaining and wonderful singers. 

On Thursday it was a warm and sunny afternoon so we decided to take an air boat ride on the Withlacoochee River.PB110039  




This is one of the three alligators we saw along the way. The guide would stop for a closer look at the many turtles, birds, and alligators and he would turn off the engine so we could hear him talk.  Those airboats are sure LOUD!PB110004

We had a good time and for Harry and I it was our first time on an airboat. It was a fun week with Amy visiting and showing her around The Villages.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Villages---October

Harry and I decided to rent a villa in The Villages, Florida to see what it was really like to be here for longer than a few days.  We left in the RV late September and spent a few days at TT Chesapeake on the way to Florida. On October 1st we put the RV in storage and checked into a villa, complete with everything we needed, including a golf car. Florida Home 007

We got involved in several activities, pickle ball, golfing, neighborhood dinners, etc.  We decided that we liked it so much that we sold the motor home and started looking to buy a villa to travel to in the winter months.P8090002

This is the last you will see of our motor home. It was a very bitter sweet parting. We have had some wonderful times, and have met such great people and made many good friends over the past 21 years that we were RVing. For now---we plan to keep our TT membership and join our friends by staying in the Getaways. We are hoping that we will not be forgotten just because we are not around as much as we were in the past.  Since we sold the motor home and were not ready to return to chilly Pa, we extended our rental till the end of November.