Saturday, May 22, 2010

Haley’s 7th Birthday

On May 21st our granddaughter Haley had her 7th birthday. She is the granddaughter who had been so sick last fall but has made a full recovery. In March she had her tonsils out and the doctor feels that by removing them she will not have the large amount of strep throats and other illnesses she had been getting---lets hope he is right. She wanted a bowling party for her celebration. I was having problems with my camera and was very disappointed with the pictures—not to mention that every time I went to take a picture the subject moved!P5220012  

Here she is with her “flip-flop” birthday cake.


Pizza time.


Some of her friends in the bowling alley.P5220039

She is growing up so fast.P5220028

Her little sister Mackenzie bowls too. The kids had lots of fun.

Happy Birthday Haley---and Many More!!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Plant Auction

Every May one of the local fire companies has an auction to raise money. There are some donated household items, garden equipment, swing sets, local made Amish quilts, tools, and many kinds of plants, scrubs, trees, and bedding plants. This auction is close to Shady Maple Smorgasbord—for any of you who have been to Hershey TT may have been there. We always try to attend to buy hanging baskets and other plants. It can get pretty full because there are some good prices—depending on who you are biding against. I also enjoy going to watch all the Amish and Mennonite people who come to buy. The little children are so cute in their flowered dresses and the little boys with their black hats and trousers. Most of them do not wear shoes but now you see more and more with flip flops or crocks!


Lots come by horse and buggy.0515001403

Many come by bike with boxes attached to carry items home.0515000829 0515000829a

There was wagons and wagons of flowers. I was able to get 6 hanging baskets at a pretty good price of $9 a piece. Nice large baskets too. Now I just have to keep them alive!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Taco Night—May 14th

Last Friday we had plans to get together with friends, Cindy(also my cousin) & Glen. The guys had plans to golf and Cindy and I were going along to be the golf cart drivers. Then we would go to dinner after golfing but mother nature had other plans and she decided to have it rain. So they came to our house and Cindy brought along all the fixins for taco salads. We had a great visit. There was lots of catching up to do since we had not seen them since January before our trip.P5140001

Harry, Glen and Cindy already into their salads—notice my plate is still empty—I’ll have to make mine and eat fast to catch up to them.P5140004

Now that is a BIG salad. They were delicious.

After we ate we played cards. Cindy and Glen are the only other couple that we know that play Housey.  It is always guys against the girls and guess who always wins---the guys. Cindy and I are always too busy gabbing to pay attention to the cards being played. But we always have a good time and lots of laughs.

And, we rescheduled the golf for another day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Home Again—May 6th

On Thursday it was time to pack up the camper and head home after almost four months on the road. It was hard to believe the last three weeks at Hershey just flew by. We had such a wonderful trip—despite some cold and gloomy weather. We are so blessed to have the lifestyle we do and can travel this beautiful world the Lord has created for us to enjoy. The time we got to spend with old and new friends along the way is priceless. In all total the miles we traveled were 5,136. That was just with the motor home. There were many more miles put on the car as we traveled around to all our sight seeing areas.

Hershey 4-2010 001

It was good to be home to see all our family again. The house was still standing after four months and lots of snow while we were gone. Everything was in bloom and looked really pretty. Now it is back to house and yard work!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friends Visit

On Sunday our friends, and neighbors around the corner at home, came to join us for a few days at Hershey. They were lucky enough to get a site next to us.

End Hershey 015

Grant is grilling dinner and Carol is bringing the rest of their meal to join us for dinner.End Hershey 012

She doesn't look too interested but actually Kate likes “the boys”, Rusty and Indy their two very large labs.End Hershey 020

On Wednesday we celebrated Cinco de Mayo together and invited Carlton and Dawn to join us. Our daughter Amy also came to celebrate as she has known Carol and Grant for several years before we did. I did not get a food picture but it was all very good. We had several Mexican themed dips and drinks followed by chicken enchiladas and seafood nachos. After dinner we had a fire and of course toasted marshmallows. It was a very filling and fun evening.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Basket Making

Last summer while at Hershey TT I learned that Carlton had a wonderful talent for making pine needle baskets. I asked him if he would show me how to make them and he was happy to share his knowledge. Since we extended our stay till May 6th it turned out to be a good time for some lessons.End Hershey 002

Here we are at the 1st lesson. I thought it was going pretty well………………………………………but ….

End Hershey 007

I guess the teacher didn’t agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Hershey 008

At least we kept Dawn entertained for the afternoon.End Hershey 019

After two weeks of lessons---and several between lesson questions and visits to Carlton’s RV---here is the finished product with student and teacher. Thanks Carlton (and Dawn too) for your patience and all the time you took to teach me this craft. I’m very proud of the basket and it will always remind me of the special friend who helped me do it.