Saturday, May 15, 2010

Taco Night—May 14th

Last Friday we had plans to get together with friends, Cindy(also my cousin) & Glen. The guys had plans to golf and Cindy and I were going along to be the golf cart drivers. Then we would go to dinner after golfing but mother nature had other plans and she decided to have it rain. So they came to our house and Cindy brought along all the fixins for taco salads. We had a great visit. There was lots of catching up to do since we had not seen them since January before our trip.P5140001

Harry, Glen and Cindy already into their salads—notice my plate is still empty—I’ll have to make mine and eat fast to catch up to them.P5140004

Now that is a BIG salad. They were delicious.

After we ate we played cards. Cindy and Glen are the only other couple that we know that play Housey.  It is always guys against the girls and guess who always wins---the guys. Cindy and I are always too busy gabbing to pay attention to the cards being played. But we always have a good time and lots of laughs.

And, we rescheduled the golf for another day.

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