Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friends Visit

On Sunday our friends, and neighbors around the corner at home, came to join us for a few days at Hershey. They were lucky enough to get a site next to us.

End Hershey 015

Grant is grilling dinner and Carol is bringing the rest of their meal to join us for dinner.End Hershey 012

She doesn't look too interested but actually Kate likes “the boys”, Rusty and Indy their two very large labs.End Hershey 020

On Wednesday we celebrated Cinco de Mayo together and invited Carlton and Dawn to join us. Our daughter Amy also came to celebrate as she has known Carol and Grant for several years before we did. I did not get a food picture but it was all very good. We had several Mexican themed dips and drinks followed by chicken enchiladas and seafood nachos. After dinner we had a fire and of course toasted marshmallows. It was a very filling and fun evening.

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