Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Basket Making

Last summer while at Hershey TT I learned that Carlton had a wonderful talent for making pine needle baskets. I asked him if he would show me how to make them and he was happy to share his knowledge. Since we extended our stay till May 6th it turned out to be a good time for some lessons.End Hershey 002

Here we are at the 1st lesson. I thought it was going pretty well………………………………………but ….

End Hershey 007

I guess the teacher didn’t agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Hershey 008

At least we kept Dawn entertained for the afternoon.End Hershey 019

After two weeks of lessons---and several between lesson questions and visits to Carlton’s RV---here is the finished product with student and teacher. Thanks Carlton (and Dawn too) for your patience and all the time you took to teach me this craft. I’m very proud of the basket and it will always remind me of the special friend who helped me do it.

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