Saturday, May 22, 2010

Haley’s 7th Birthday

On May 21st our granddaughter Haley had her 7th birthday. She is the granddaughter who had been so sick last fall but has made a full recovery. In March she had her tonsils out and the doctor feels that by removing them she will not have the large amount of strep throats and other illnesses she had been getting---lets hope he is right. She wanted a bowling party for her celebration. I was having problems with my camera and was very disappointed with the pictures—not to mention that every time I went to take a picture the subject moved!P5220012  

Here she is with her “flip-flop” birthday cake.


Pizza time.


Some of her friends in the bowling alley.P5220039

She is growing up so fast.P5220028

Her little sister Mackenzie bowls too. The kids had lots of fun.

Happy Birthday Haley---and Many More!!!!!

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