Friday, May 7, 2010

Home Again—May 6th

On Thursday it was time to pack up the camper and head home after almost four months on the road. It was hard to believe the last three weeks at Hershey just flew by. We had such a wonderful trip—despite some cold and gloomy weather. We are so blessed to have the lifestyle we do and can travel this beautiful world the Lord has created for us to enjoy. The time we got to spend with old and new friends along the way is priceless. In all total the miles we traveled were 5,136. That was just with the motor home. There were many more miles put on the car as we traveled around to all our sight seeing areas.

Hershey 4-2010 001

It was good to be home to see all our family again. The house was still standing after four months and lots of snow while we were gone. Everything was in bloom and looked really pretty. Now it is back to house and yard work!


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  2. What a beautiful home to "come home" to. You will enjoy the familey and the great northern summer. Hope to see you guys back down here in Florida in the Fall or Winter. Have fun with the family.

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