Friday, March 5, 2010

Verde Canyon Railroad

The weather prediction for Tuesday was sunny and 73 degrees so we decided to make reservations for the Verde Valley Railroad. We picked up our tickets mid morning and then went for a nice lunch at The Tavern Grille in Old Town Cottonwood. It was so good---guess that is why it was recommended to us by the people at the railroad. We arrived early and by the time we left at 12 noon there was not an empty table to be had.

We arrived back at the railroad station with lots of time to spare--and to take some pictures.
Here are the two engines that were used. They are back to back. The train goes into the canyon for two hours and when it gets to the end they detach the engines and bring them around the side of the train and attach them to the caboose to pull the train back out of the canyon for two hours.
The four of us upgraded our seating to 1st class and we were really glad we did. The car had very comfortable seats with a table between the four of us. Lots of leg room. We had lots of food and champagne included. There was also a full cash bar but the water was free.
This train ride was recommended by several of our friends who had been in this area. Now I understand why. We enjoyed the ride and the scenery was indescribable. I took so many pictures it was hard to pick which ones to put on here. I saved 167 pictures and that was after I deleted what I didn't want. There is no way to describe the beauty and the pictures do not do it justice. I picked a few of my favorites and they are in no particular order.

This is a bald eagle. We passed it so quick and the trees were in the way so I was pleased that I got it at all.

We went through a tunnel.

This tree has green bunches of growth on it even though the rest of the tree has no leaves. The narrator explained that the green growth is mistle toe. It will eventually smother the trees growth till the tree dies.

I was able to get some good shots of the front and rear of the train as we rounded several curves.

That is snow on the mountains in the distance

And when we got to the end of the line---we were in Perkinsville. Population 9 people. All one family. This is where we stopped and the engines were switched to the caboose and became the front for our return trip. Coming back was pretty but the sun was getting lower in the sky and the colors of the canyon were not as impressive as going into the canyon.

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  1. We really enjoyed our train ride too. Beautiful scenery. Good to see a few people playing pickleball there too. Nice courts. I think Bob and Julie from Peace River should be arriving there soon, so that will be two more players for you.

    Safe travels.