Monday, August 2, 2010

Harry’s New Toy

Last week while Harry was mowing, the lawnmower broke. It was used pretty hard over the past 10 years on our steep grade and rough terrain so he decided it was time for a new mower. After much deliberation he decided on an upgrade from a lawn tractor to a heavier zero-turn machine.New Mower 7-30-2010 002

Here is Harry getting a lesson on how to use the mower. He had never used a zero-turn and was hesitant at first. They handle very different than a regular tractor. Nate was so patient with him.New Mower 7-30-2010 003

After several times around the yard he was feeling much more comfortable. Now—if we ever get rain so the grass grows again—he can cut his mowing time to much less than before.

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