Sunday, August 22, 2010

Granddaughters Camping

Early in August we took our granddaughters---Haley & Mackenzie---to TT Hershey with us for four days.P8030018

It was hot and humid so we spent afternoons at the pool. Mackenzie (left) will be 5 years old in September. Haley (right) is 7 years old and will start 2nd grade this year.P8030028

They had lots of fun playing with Pop-Pop and dunking him in the water.P8030053

Even though it was hot we had to have a fire…….P8030055

……for toasting marshmallows………….P8030066

…….for Smores!P8040071

Wednesday we drove to Penn’s Cave. We had never bin there ourselves and always wanted to see what it was like.P8040107

First we took the Wildlife Safari on a school bus with the windows cut out. The bus makes a loop through the property viewing lots of different animals.


Next it was the Cave Tour. This is the entrance where you board the boats that go through the cave. The cave is a year round temperature of 52 degrees---which felt really good since the outside was 95 degrees that day. We did wear a sweat shirt on the tour that lasts about one hour.P8040132

The boat comes out the other side of the cave, turns around, and goes back through.P8050150

Of course you can’t go to Hershey without making a trip to Chocolate World.  So one morning we drove over and took the “ride” through the factory—2 times.  I think they like the free candy after getting off the ride the best!

We had a great time with Haley and Mackenzie. We returned them home on the fourth day----went back to the camper----and rested.

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  1. Aren't grandkids great! It looks like you had a ton of fun!!