Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ladies Day Golfing

Harry and I were so blessed to have rented a villa in the Grovewood Villas in the village of Hadley. The neighbors are such a wonderful bunch of people. They are a very close and active group. They have invited us to join in any of their activities and we have taken them up on several gatherings. What a good way to get to know people—join in their fun!PB170045

Today I joined them in a round of golf. Wednesday is ladies day at the golf courses and every week there is a group that golf's and then goes to lunch. I had such a fun time even though I had a lousy golf game. In this group it is more about socializing and having a good time rather than doing good golfing. Now that is my kind of group! Harry and I will be leaving here soon and we are really going to miss all the great people. Fortunately they have “adopted us” and we can return to join their fun gatherings at any time.

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