Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day of Golfing

Several weeks ago we had scheduled a golf day with my cousin, Cindy, and her husband Glen. Harry and Glen go golfing together and always have a good time so this time Cindy and I decided that we would go along with them and be their cart chauffeurs and ball spotters. We had a beautiful weather day with temperature about 85, very low humidity, and a light breeze. The guys choose a golf course that is out in the farm country with beautiful country views.



Our carts are parked at the 1st tee and ready to go.P6180015

Glen takes a putt while Harry watches. Notice the open country views in the background.P6180011

Glen chooses a club while Cindy waits.P6180026

Harry and I in our cart.

Cindy and I had a great time talking and driving the guys around the course.                                         After golfing we went to Golden Oaks Restaurant for a nice dinner. It was such a beautiful warm evening that we were able to eat on the outside terrace. Then we returned to Glen and Cindy’s house and had desert---fresh homemade blueberry/blackberry pie---wonderful! It was a fun filled day.

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