Monday, April 5, 2010

Lake Tawakoni TT

We stayed at Bay Landing for two nights. The plan was to leave Friday but the weather prediction was for some severe weather so we decided to sit at the campground rather than chance driving in bad weather. It rained in the morning and then later cleared—thank goodness no severe storms.               We left Saturday and drove east to Lake Tawakoni in Point, Texas. We thought we were rural in Bay Landing but that was city compared to here. The closest Wall-Mart is over 30 miles away. This is the biggest TT park we have ever been to. We like it but the park needs much work. The sites have been left go and there needs to be a lot of clean-up. We are pretty much here by ourselves. A few campers here for the weekend but most have left. There are lots of nice amenities but unfortunately not many people use this park---probably due to it’s location. Because of the huge lake I think this would be a boaters paradise.


Notice the sign at the bottom says “Public RV Sites”. Guess this is what is happening to our Thousand Trails system.


The GPS could not find this address---I had to put in coordinates to get here.P4030002

We have a very long, large site. There is nobody around us. The camper in the back is still closed up for the winter.P4030004

We even have some spring flowers to look at—I believe they are flags. P4030005

This is the family center with a very nice pool (still closed) and play area. P4030013

This is the adult lounge and adult pool and spa area. P4030006

There is a nice marina area with lake access.P4030009

The lake is beautiful and is up about 6 feet from normal due to all their snow and rain they have had.P4030011

Many of the several hundred sites are at the water and are also sewered. With some man power this could be one of the best TT parks.

We have enjoyed visiting some of the TT parks here in Texas---I think we are spoiled by Hershey, Orlando, and Chesapeake. I will admit that Verde Valley was one of our favorites.

We will sit here for a few days and then be heading east for home.

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  1. Hi U 2
    Great pictures. Been following you guys all winter! Looks like you're having a great time. Hope we see you both back here in Florida next winter.....Rich and Donna