Sunday, April 18, 2010

Heading North—April 14th

On Wednesday morning we took the tour at the Freightliner Chassis Factory and it was so interesting. What a production!  After the tour it was time to leave and drive north. It was a sunny warm day and a very nice drive with all the trees in bloom.

Into Pa 021

We stopped overnight at Natural Bridge, Va. Into Pa 010

Thursday  we drove the remainder of the way north and into Pa.Into Pa 023

Into Pa 008

Kate always watches to see if we are going the right way!


These purple blooming trees were just so beautiful and they seemed to line both sides of the road from North Carolina to Pa.

Into Pa 027

Our plan was to stop in Hershey for a night or two to relax and flush our tanks well before going home. We were able to get a very nice free 50 amp site—and close to Carlton & Dawn.  We just may have to extend our visit!

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  1. Love the picture of Kate. What a great little traveler. Good thing she keeps you heading in the right direction. Love it!!