Friday, April 2, 2010

Cadillac Ranch—March 30

Monday afternoon we had a few hours of free time. I needed a hair cut so we headed for a local walk-in saloon. Harry decided to get his cut also so we went inside and were taken right away. The girl was so nice and friendly and as we talked she asked if we had seen the Cadillac Ranch. I said no I had never heard of it. She explained what it was and Tuesday between seminars and dinner we took a drive. It was only a few miles away. This is a most unusual thing---some say redneck but people come from all over to see it. 


Turns out a farmer bought 10 old Cadillacs and implanted them in the ground—nose first. P3300009

Visitors are allowed to spay paint graffiti on them. Needless to say there are many layers of paint on them because there is so much graffiti over  graffiti.P3300006

They are all “planted” at the same angle. The angle means something and is exactly like another monument but I cannot remember what it is.P3300015 This was an odd site. P3300013

Unfortunately because spray painting is allowed there is litter all around the cars—makes it look very junky.

On the way back to the campground we spotted a prairie dog hole. We pulled over for a picture but they all scurried back inside the holes. As we sat there and waited this one looked out to see if we were still there.


Isn't it cute? Bet Kate would have fun with it.

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