Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa's Helper

For the last 6 years Harry has transformed into one of Santa's helpers and goes to the daycare that our daughter works at to visit the children. He is so wonderful and patient with the children and has come home with some very funny stories to tell. Most of the children are receptive but a few always end up in tears. Of course our granddaughters have been there and it is so wonderful seeing them sit with Santa knowing that someday they will know they were actually sitting on "PopPop's" lap. Today after having our 4 year old granddaughter sit on his lap, she went to her Mother and asked, "Is that PopPop?" Of course Kristy denied it. It's hard to hide those large hazel eyes of his. The beard and hair are very bushy and look fake but the kids are so excited that I don't think they notice. He really likes making the kids smile and looks forward to it every year.

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